Cost Of Dental Implants - Sugar Land, TX

Restore Your Smile
and Self-Confidence

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A Healthy Smile
without the Cost

Do you feel confident in your smile? Is it uncomfortable and painful when you bite or chew? Do you feel limited to the types of food you can eat? At Sugarland Smile Center, we understand suffering from many failing or missing teeth can take both a physical and emotional toll on you. Your self-confidence can suffer without a complete, functioning smile you can be proud of. Dr. Ashok Kota can help put an end to your painful and discouraging symptoms with full-mouth solutions that fit your lifestyle, smile goals, and budget!

Whether you need single, multiple, or full-mouth dental implants in Sugar Land, TX, our prestigious team at Sugarland Smile Center provides you with a treatment plan personalized to what you want, with an outcome that truly transforms your life by improving your function, health, and confidence. Don’t let dental implant costs hold you back from receiving the treatment you need to feel happy about your smile. Affordable dental implants are possible with Sugarland Smile Center!

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Dr. Says Want Dental Implants But Are Afraid Of The Time, Money, And Pain Of It? We Have Your Back!

Offering Solutions
to Fit Your Needs

Sugarland Smile Center is proud to offer a variety of tooth loss solutions to replace failing or missing teeth. When it comes to smile restorations, dentures are typically the most commonly thought of. However, they’ve since proven to be an outdated option. At Sugarland Smile Center, we often refer our patients to the permanent solution of MegGenâ dental implants that support your bone structure and prevent greater problems in the long run.

Dental implants can be used in a combination of ways to fit your unique needs and budget. Implant-supported dentures are dentures attached to dental implants that provide greater stability and function. Full-mouth dental implants are the ultimate in full arch rehabilitation, permanently replacing all your failing or missing teeth with a fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants. The flexibility of dental implant surgery allows us to provide affordable dental implants. Dental implant costs can vary depending on the type of solution you choose. Some examples include:

  • Temporary Denture Implants $10,000
  • Hybrid Denture Implants $18,000
  • Zirconia Dental Implants $20,000
  • Thimble Style $25,000
  • Snap-On Dentures (four to six implants) $11,000-$15,000

Your Dream Smile is Attainable

Our full-mouth dental implants in Sugar Land, TX are one of the best investments you can make in your smile and quality of life. Dental implants are a permanent solution that won’t fall out of your mouth or look unnatural. Instead, they will provide you the stability to bite and chew without worry. Dental implants mimic the function of tooth roots by stimulating the underlying bone and preventing future bone loss. These many advantages are the reasons why patients tackle the cost of dental implants.

Don’t let dental implant costs stop you from receiving the high-quality and life-changing care you deserve. We will file claims to your dental insurance provider on your behalf and discuss the average cost of dental implants. While some insurance companies offer limited coverage for dental implants, our team will work hard to help you get all the benefits your plan entitles you to. We also partner with trusted third-party financing companies to provide you with monthly payment plans that work for your family. Let’s talk about your teeth and how full-mouth dental implants can fit within your budget! A fulfilling new chapter of your life awaits you. Embrace it!